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Our Soccer Beliefs: The aim of the club is to develop a passion and talent out of the youth that begin playing at the earliest of ages. The club will strive to be of great value and help each player to be the best they can be. We want kids to play at Southside Soccer Club from age 5 through to high school level. We would also be delighted to see Southside Soccer Club kids aspire to play at collegiate level and will support them in fulfilling their ambitions.


Southside Soccer Club teams and kids within those teams strive towards playing attractive, attacking and fun soccer. There is an emphasis on teams and individuals to be attacking and creative when in possession of the ball. Therefore, the club focus will be on the player’s mastery of the ball at an early age. Ball familiarity and comfort while on the ball will be achieved through intensive individual foot skills training based on a club wide training curriculum.


Through these training methods it is expected that Southside Soccer Club teams will control games through possession and create many goal scoring opportunities as a result.


Recreational players have two seasons, Fall Outdoor and Spring Indoor. Players can choose both or either season. Fall games are on Saturdays and Spring games are evenings Monday through Thursday.


Competitive players play year round and are placed on teams according to similar skills and athletic ability. A quality club like ours attracts talent from outside our immediate influence. These individuals will always be given an opportunity to make one of our teams. Players currently playing with the club have an advantage because they are known by the coaching staff and club administrators.


Players can try out for competitive teams at any time through out the year after the official tryout date. Coaches are reminded to speak to their team if they are having a new face appear for a tryout. The club recognizes this can have a positive or negative effect upon a team that is currently working together.


Southside Soccer Club is currently working with the high schools and colleges our players will attend. Our aim as a club is to help the individual achieve their goal of making a varsity high school soccer team, a college soccer team, or even a professional soccer team. These goals are attainable with a clear vision, talent and a determined work ethic.

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